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Healthy Life Balance

Hey there -- let's talk confidence. Did you realize that healthy balance in life is essential to living an abundant, confident- filled life?  In order to have a healthy balance in life, meaning that we aren't dependent on anything but God, we must learn to love and live without attachments or dependencies. God's word promises, He is our provider and as a result shall supply all our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19). This includes loving and providing for us better and more completely than anyone or thing ever could. So while He temporarily gives us experiences, people and things for our own enjoyment, and even to love, here on earth, it's never meant to replace Him, His love or provision. Thus, we must be willing to lose or detach from these temporary things when time comes to do so -keeping in mind that our greatest joy and confidence comes from living in the freedom of Christ. When we have learned this valuable life lesson, we will have mastered how to live a life of vitality, joy and freedom from the bondages of the world.  Share your thoughts about this at