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Travel Requirements

The following is a list of needs that Desiree kindly requests to speak at a function. If you have any questions or concerns about any information below, please call Confident Living at 240-893-1911. We are flexible and want to cooperate with you in any way possible.


All travel expenses are to be paid, including airfare, hotel, car rental, mileage, and airport parking fees, where applicable. Airline tickets will be purchased early in order to secure lower fares; an invoice will be submitted for reimbursement prior to the program. Other travel expenses can be reimbursed at the time of the program.



Lodging, if necessary, is requested at a nearby hotel/motel.



Desiree accepts an honorarium for speaking engagements. Please call 240-893-1911 to discuss an appropriate honorarium range for your engagement. Desiree will be as flexible as possible and is willing to work within various budgets. The honorarium should be given at the time of the program and made payable to Confident Living, LLC.


Book Table

We require that Desiree be allowed to sell her books and other materials at the function, with all proceeds going to Confident Living, LLC.  Additionally, she will need at least two 8-foot tables for our display. We will also need at least two people to handle sales (perhaps more depending on the number in attendance). Desiree will bring a cash box for change.



If appropriate, we like to promote Desiree's speaking engagements in our e-newsletter, on our website and possibly on local Christian stations in your area.